About Me

Most people DREAM about losing that extra weight.
They spend their days trying their best to make smart food choices and exercise when they can fit it in. But something always seems to creep in and get in the way when it comes to making lasting change.
A year later when they still have nothing to show for it, they figure they just need to try another detox.
Here’s the problem with most programs: they tell you what to do, not HOW to do it.
And that’s not how I coach our women.


Hi, I’m Katie Wygant; personal trainer, nutrition expert and visionary.
I haven’t always been a wellness “expert”. In fact, I’ve been on my own conscious journey to improve my health and mindset over the last twelve years.


What do I do? In a nutshell I teach women how to overcome their obstacles so that they can lose weight and achieve the body and lifestyle they’ve dreamt about. Three main components I focus on are mindset, nutrition and fitness.

After taking myself from a burnt-out corporate sales woman to a thriving entrepreneur, and helping hundreds of women achieve the body and lifestyle they’ve desired, it’s fair to say that I know a thing or two about transformation.


A Story of Health Exploration, Entrepreneurship and Living the Dream!

It was August of 2006. I had been working sales at a Fortune 500 company for two years. On paper things looked good. It was an exciting time. I was traveling for trade shows, meeting with business owners and gaining a ton of new skills. Heck, the money was great too! One problem…


Yes, “Miss Positivity” was utterly miserable going to work. At my lowest point I couldn’t bare the thought of going to the office for one more Monday Morning Meeting! In fact, I vividly remember crying in the car before stepping into the office that morning.
During this time I was working with a personal trainer and loving it! My physique was transforming right before my eyes and I knew that with my competitive athletic background that this industry might be the direction I was seeking.Within a few months I was hired on to the Pro Sports Club team, attained my professional certifications and rocked the personal trainer job. Finally, I found my passion.

Personal Quest:

katie_with_baby_about_me To be honest, during this time I struggled to find balance with food and exercise. Deep down I knew what I really wanted. I wanted a balanced, easy relationship with food. I would see lean women who were full of life and energy, eating whatever they wanted and never stressing about it. Not me. I was busy counting calories, creating spreadsheets, restricting myself more and more, spending countless hours in the gym and signing up for races and physique shows… JUST TO HAVE A LEAN BODY! I was certainly moving upstream with it all.

Through great mentorship and resilience, I’ve found my way to creating a balanced relationship with food and exercise. I adopted a habit-based approach to nutrition that changed the entire game for me. I learned how to cook easy healthy meals that weren’t boring and bland. I learned how to stay strong and focused in the midst of tragedy. And with the birth of my boy, Aiden, my world opened up to a whole lotta new love, challenges and purpose.

Today my online programs help many women overcome the obstacles that hold them back from achieving their best bodies and lifestyles. I hold the vision for my clients until they can see it for themselves. I already see them thriving in their ideal body. I see them executing the daily habits that eliminate the mind games. Day in and day out I’m holding down the fort and sticking with you every step of the way until you can hold the vision for yourself.

We have the power to transform our physiques, love ourselves and have balance…and best of all, we can do it together!!


Coaching Certifications:

A.C.S.M., Certified Personal Trainer

N.A.S.M., C.S.C.S. Certified Strength & Condition Specialist

Precision Nutrition Certified ProCoach

B.A.: Western Washington University, Communication