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Meet Coach Katie Wygant

Hello, and thank you for joining me on my blog.  Happy to have you here.  It's been almost one year since I started working on a new website and online programs to help serve the wonderful women I work with.  It's been a labor love for sure and I'm happy to have the site live so we can easily connect online and grow our community. I wanted to take a few minutes and introduce myself so you can learn a little bit more about me and what I'm passionate about. I am a working mom who cares ab...


Follow ME, ‘behind the scene’ Katie Wygant on Snapchat

I’m a Snapchat lover! I wasn't so sure about it at first..I mean who needs another social media app anyways?  After I got the hang of it I really began to fall in love.  It's fun watching fit people snap their meals, workouts, families and thoughts.  It's inspiring to see other fit people getting it done. It is my hope is that you and I can connect on Snapchat and get to know one another in a more personal way. The easiest way to find people on Snapchat is to take a p...


Stay on track this 4th of July Weekend!

Stay on track this 4th of July Weekend! Holidays, events and birthdays can throw any dedicated lean eater "off track". One philosophy that I always reinforces when it comes to losing weight is that it's not about being 100% perfect. Why set yourself up for failure, when you can aim for 90% compliance -- and plan those meals of celebrations and holidays so you don't get thrown off track and perpetuate the on-and-off again cycle? In honor of Independence Day this weeke...