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Eight QUICK Tips for Dining Out and Eating Lean

Eight QUICK Tips for Dining Out and Eating Lean We celebrate your daily choice of living a leaner, healthier lifestyle, and we’re here to help make your healthy journey easy and breezy! Going out to trendy restaurants may be a part of your fabulous healthy life, so today we’re providing you with eight quick tips for dining out and eating lean. 1. Look at the menu online (if available) before you go to the restaurant, so you can make your selections ahead of time. ...


How to survive the summer barbeques…Fit Tribe style!

If your family and friends enjoy a good barbeque, then barbeque season has likely already started. These bbq's can certainly provide temptations of all kinds-- so here are our top five tips on how to survive the summer barbeques... Fit Tribe style! Tip #1: Pre-funk with a healthy snack! Enjoy a healthy snack before you even head to the barbeque, and your stomach won't rule your day. A few examples: protein shake/smoothie, veggies &...