Eight QUICK Tips for Dining Out and Eating Lean

Eight QUICK Tips for Dining Out and Eating Lean

We celebrate your daily choice of living a leaner, healthier lifestyle, and we’re here to help make your healthy journey easy and breezy!

Going out to trendy restaurants may be a part of your fabulous healthy life, so today we’re providing you with eight quick tips for dining out and eating lean.

1. Look at the menu online (if available) before you go to the restaurant, so you can make your selections ahead of time.

2. On the menu, find the protein and find the veggies! If you aren’t finding them on the menu, order off the menu, with confidence. People order off menus all the time for allergies and dietary needs.

3. Don’t eat the bread or chips that they may serve before the meal. These are just fillers! Save your appetite for your delicious, healthy dinner.

4. If you are super hungry before you head to dinner, enjoy a protein shake or half a protein shake before you leave, so you don’t feel starved when you arrive.

5. When in doubt, order a salad with protein (chicken or lean steak) and add dressing to the side.

6. Avoid high caloric dressing and stick with balsamic vinaigrette or an olive oil based dressing.

7. Eat until you are 80% full and pack the rest to take home.

8. Dip your fork into the dressing then into the salad before each, fabulous bite!

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