How to survive the summer barbeques…Fit Tribe style!

If your family and friends enjoy a good barbeque, then barbeque season has likely already started.

These bbq's can certainly provide temptations of all kinds-- so here are our top five tips on how to survive the summer barbeques... Fit Tribe style!

Tip #1: Pre-funk with a healthy snack! Enjoy a healthy snack before you even head to the barbeque, and your stomach won't rule your day. A few examples: protein shake/smoothie, veggies & hummus or a salad.

Tip#2: Focus on the celebration and the company first, and food second. In many cultures, celebrations are designed around the food-- when the celebration should primarily be about the special occasion itself (Independence Day, Birthdays, Baby Showers, etc.) as well as the person or people you are celebrating with. The meal is secondary to the people and the celebration. So enjoy your conversations, your surroundings and the company of people you love! You will still enjoy the food-- without the need to over-indulge.

Tip #3: Volunteer to bring a healthy dish or appetizer. This is the easiest way to prepare yourself for being healthy at the barbeque; you're in charge of part of the meal!
Tip #4: Zone in and select the healthiest options there-- and only fill your plate once. OR if you know that the hosts of the specific celebration will not have very many healthy options, don't be afraid to bring your own food. (Bonus tip: People may make comments to you or act offended if you don't eat their food. Be confident in being in charge of what you are putting into YOUR body. If anyone gives you a hard time, say nicely, "I am so happy to celebrate with everyone for [insert special occasion]. At the same time, I am focusing on a healthier lifestyle when it comes to nutrition-- so this is what I'm going to eat." No further explanation needed.)

Tip #5: Everything in moderation. If you are overall living a healthy, lean goddess lifestyle, enjoy a little dessert or a glass of wine. It's not about depriving yourself or feeling guilty or ashamed when you choose to have something indulgent.

If you have some additional tips please leave a comment! We love hearing your thoughts.

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