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“The workouts in the 30-Day JumpStart are fun and upbeat! I especially like that the exercise routines are varied-every workout is different! My main goal was to lose 20 pounds that snuck up on me the previous five years, to fit into my size 4 pants, and feel confident in a swimsuit. I did it! But, most importantly, I have learned a new way of thinking about food and exercise-skills I will use the rest of my life! Priceless!”

-Cindy Singleton

“Before I started Your Best Body! I was always so sleepy in the middle of the day. No matter how much sleep I had the night before I was always yawning and feeling tired. Now that I have changed my eating habits and am eating "clean foods" I feel so much more energetic. I never have that tired feeling after meals and stay focused and alert all day. It has made a tremendous difference in my life.”

-Mary Ellen Dean

“I'm so thankful like I've told you over and over. I was at stuck 155lbs for about 4 months and you showed me how to easily break through this weight plateau!! Finally. I’m learning about proper nutrition for my body and how to mix things up with exercise. My body changed more in the first 7 days than I could have done in months. Thank you Katie, you're really great at what you do!! I’m currently at 143lbs and still going strong.


“My main goal was to lose the last 12 pounds that snuck up on me the previous five years, and to feel confident in a swimsuit. I did it! But, most importantly, I have learned a new way of thinking about food and exercise-skills I will use the rest of my life! Priceless! Thank you!!”


“I highly recommend Your Best Body! I have an extremely busy lifestyle AND I’m a food lover—so this program has been perfect for me! I typically prepare my family's meals about twice a week (for the entire week), and I’ve enjoyed every recipe I’ve tried so far. And, the weekly meal plan for MY weight loss and fitness goals, is made it very convenient and easy to follow. The great thing is, my family benefits from these healthy and delicious meals as well. I encourage you to join our community and get started today with the program!”

-Amy Yamada

“Seven months ago I had my blood tested and my cholesterol was a whopping 307! For five months, I did not really change my habits, but the last two months I have been following your program, and with diet and exercise, a new blood test revealed my cholesterol had dropped to 212 – 95 points! Incredible !!! Thank-You for your encouragement and strong coaching, for me it has made a great difference in my health, as at age 58, I was not headed in a good direction. I originally started the Your Best Body! program to work on my “belly fat” and while technically not “overweight”, I did not like the way my clothes were fitting or how I saw myself. Then to my surprise, I not only have improved my appearance on the outside, but made an amazing stride in improving my insides! Thank you! I highly recommend this program.”


“What can I say this program did everything that I wanted it to do! I have always had a vision of what I wanted to look like on my wedding day and the extra 15 pounds was not included in that vision. So I decided that I had to do something to lose the extra weight. That is when I found the 30-Day Jumpstart program. I needed someone to hold me accountable with my exercise & meal tracking. The program provided fun workouts designed so I could do them on my own. I would actually look forward to my workouts! My meal plan was easy to follow and I couldn’t believe how quick the weight came off by just being consistent. I am excited for my upcoming wedding day & honeymoon because I know I am going to look and feel great. I am looking forward to wearing my bikini most of all!”


“I thank Katie Wygant and her program Your Best Body! for changing my life. The motivation this program provides in both the exercise and eating, I have lost weight and gained strength without feeling deprived or fatigued. My clothes are too big now and increased stamina makes my daily tasks so much easier. I sleep better, feel my aches and pains have lessened, and just enjoy myself, my life and my family. I wish everyone could experience this and they can, just join!! My 51 pound loss in 4 months is my proof that this program works!!!”


“Katie is amazing and patient with me. She knows and understands my old habits and patterns, and I love how she helps me problem-solve my jet-setter lifestyle! I realize that it's also about letting go of perfection -- and knowing that she is there to help me every step of the way. :) Thank you, Katie Wygant!!!! Xoxo”


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